Mompreneurs: Hire One if You Can

I'm fascinated by how some home-based-business moms manage to build magnificent empires with little time and basically no business background.

It's hard to focus on a business plan with so many interruptions during the day; not only from kids but also from family members, sometimes inconsiderate of mompreneurs business hours. Even with so many distractions, they still pull their usually limited resources to build their enterprises.

What is the driver? How do they get there? While some are lucky, others are very determined to succeed. It requires a lot of organization, discipline and persistence to juggle personal and professional tasks under the same roof. Immense self-motivation and intelligence distinguish them from the crowd.

Business executives, give these ladies a round of applause, and learn their Modus Operandi! Their ability to multitask is unprecedented, and their team-work skills, simply extraordinary!