"Renata L. Lerch is one of the best marketing professionals I've met 
during my career. She is always precise in her observations and in the 
way she plans and executes marketing strategies. Renata made a great 
contribution to our company during the period she provided consulting 
services. Her focus is always on the delivery of the best services to customers, and incremental revenue to our operations."
Flavia Vicentini,  Marketing Manager, Hertz Rent a Car, Brazil

"Working with Renata Lerch has been a very enriching experience. She’s 
always ready to respond to our requests with the flexibility and 
confidence required in global markets.  One of Renata's best qualities is 
that she will not always agree with your opinion, just to please you, the 
client.  Renata will act on what is best for the project, and if required, 
will drastically change the course of actions for best results.  Her 
extensive experience with international markets allows her company to 
provide strong partnership and means for a sustainable growth, 
regardless of the size of your business.
My experience has been very productive, Renata understands our 
needs and available resources to build our business.  This is a unique 
skill; she can provide great insights to both small and large companies, 
taking into consideration their individual culture, pace and resources. 
The results of her work are rapidly noticeable. Dynamic and sustainable 
results are key to the current business environment.
I’m sure that our partnership will continue to grow along E-Open’s business phases."  
Andre Escudero, President, E-Open International

"Renata has brought tremendous strategic insight into our business. 
We've developed a platform for viral marketing, and Renata has been 
involved from the very early stages.  We needed someone with broad 
marketing experience and specific knowledge of the relationship 
between ad agencies and advertisers.  Renata helped us identify the 
key components that had to be provided by our platform in order to 
fully satisfy the client needs.  Renata is a very thoughtful individual.  
She is driven by a desire to understand. Her approach is to ask 
questions, the right questions.  It is exactly this question and answer 
conversation that helped us see things clearly and formulate our 
marketing strategy.  As we started to acquire clients, I am happy to 
report, that she was right on the mark.  What I like about Renata is 
that she leads you along a path toward a solution rather than spit out
ready answers and pre-digested recipes.  She is a solid marketing
professional with great work ethic and lot's of smarts. 
Last but not least, she takes ownership of a project as if it were her 
own company.  I am a strong believer that taking ownership is the 
single most important predictor of the success of any professional relationship."
Val Popov, uVizz Media, Founder and Managing Partner

"Renata is one of the most highly respected marketing consultants. She 
has provided outstanding services to our international business development"
Loris Tedeschi,  Sales Director, Interep Representações

"Renata has been instrumental in helping our growing not-for-profit
organization reach its branding and marketing potential. The first month
Renata joined the Board she asked all the right questions and created 
our very first Marketing Strategy Plan. With Renata's leadership, we are 
well on our way in positioning ourselves as the premier Hispanic 
Professionals organization in the 7 county region. It has been an honor to work with such a talented, strategic, admirable individual."
Yvonne Brodsky, Executive Director
Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee

“Renata Lima Lerch is one of those rare individuals who can take an 
abstract concept or theory and turn it into an extraordinary reality. Her 
understanding of the basics of marketing and its electronic tools will find 
few equals. Renata is great leader and visionary web entrepreneur with 
ability to change face internet and social web technologies for 
businesses and consumer solutions. Renata is working on social media 
strategy and design for Fonseca Andrade Law Firm.’s Facebook and Renata Andrade’s blog."
Renata Andrade, licensed lawyer in Brazil and USA, 
Attorney partner at Fonseca Andrade Advocacia, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

“Renata has catapulted my business in a very short period of time with her suggestions, expertise and technical skills in the social networking world. In just a few short weeks, I am being sought for my advice, skills and expertise by people through out the United States and England! I never imagined I would be in this position in such a short time. I am looking forward to continued exposure and ultimately building a business internationally! I would highly recommend Renata if you are thinking of building or expanding your business, but hold onto your hat it will be a whirlwind-exciting-ride!”
June Rydberg, Ladders to the Puzzle, Sussex, WI